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Past Guest Coaches

*Beto O’Rourke

Former United States Representative

*John Carlos

1968 Olympic Medalist

 *Arne Duncan

Former US Secretary of Education, CRED Director

*Bobbito Garcia

New York City DJ, author, streetball legend

*Benjamin Alire Saenz

Best-selling author

*Carlil Pittman

Good Kids-Mad-City-Chicago

*David Meggyesy

Former Union Representative and Western Regional Director of NFL Players Association

*Gus Gauntlet

NYC actor /playwright

*Michael James

Athletes United Peace Chicago

*Rochelle Coleman

Former Syracuse basketball star and Peace  Players International Rep

*Ben Osborne

Editor Slam Magazine

*Shawn Harrington

Chicago Peace Activist

*Barbara Horne

CIO Athletes United for Peace

*Greg Foster

Assistant Coach, Atlanta Hawks

2001 NBA World Championship Ring

Los Angeles Lakers

*Tim Floyd

Former UTEP Men’s Head Basketball Coach

*Brooke Atkinson

NMSU Women’s Basketball Coach

*Bobby Byrd

Nationally renowned Poet

Co-Publisher, Cinco Puntos Press

*Lee Byrd

Award Winning Author

Co-Publisher, Cinco Puntos

*John Byrd

CEO, Cinco Puntos Press

*Art Guerrero

Ballet Folklorico El Paso

*David Zirin

Author/founder Edge of Sports.com

*Dan Wetzel

Author, Glory Road

*Xochitl Rodriguez

Co-Founder, The Caldo Collective

*Jim Ward

Professional Musician/ Entrepreneur

*Jason McInnes

Former Old Town School of Music Teacher of the Year and Artist

*Juan Lazcano

WBF Lightweight World Champion

*Eric Channing

New Mexico State career scoring leader

*Antoine Gillespie

UTEP career scoring leader

Daily Stations

1. Free Throw / shooting station

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2. Passing station

Coaches — Thad Davis, John Hollandbyrd

3. Low Dribbling station

Coaches — Barbara Horne, Tracy Yellen

4. Layup station

Coaches — Evan West, Dave Edwards

5. Ball handling / flip / flop and various globetrotter tricks station

Coaches — Sal M., Eduardo Fernandez, Oscar D.

6. Music Station

 Coaches — Maria McCullough, Jason McInnes

7. Jump-rope Station

Coach — Laura Intebi

8. Theater Station

Coach — Gus Gauntlet

11. Dribble Cone Station

 Coaches — Esteban, Jack Yellen

12. 2-ball dribbling station

Coaches — Rene Pinto, Ben Brower, and Johnny Melvin Jr. aka Fatso